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Reviews for Jekyll

Reviews for Jekyll

Comments Ratings, Reviews with ratings unlike comments can increase your Google Positioning with correct microdata. Your site Internet search results will then show page review and aggregate rating. Got the idea from the Staticman Popcorn repo. This is still a work in progress so Leave a Review for any page in and the page aggregate rating will increase after a successful push to my GitHub repo. The aggregate rating and review per page are working review and rate and it soon will show up as a review rating on that page.

Jekyll Image Gallery

Jekyll Image Gallery

Create a Jekyll image Gallery that loops through all images in a folder. Not Configured by yml Frontmatter, thus much easier to create. Using Images resizing by, which gives a thumbnail image displayed in the isotope arranged gallery and the original images which are opened by lightGallery.



Pictures of my Kitty Cats and Travels. My Kitty Gallery has my 4 male House Cats, Past Cats and the 20 or so strays I feed every day. Computers Cats are my passion, I love kitty cats

Website Tweaks

Website Tweaks

Website Tweaks in my ASP.Core2 apps. Discussions on changes to Orchard 1.10 web.config, zipping files for AWS to Cloud-front, Proper Response and Request headers Including jquery-pajax

Staticman with Gitlab

Staticman with Gitlab

Use Staticman push to Gitlab. The first step is to create staticman app, according to the official document operation, you can also view the repository I created.

Jekyll Admin

Jekyll Admin

Jekyll admin makes it so easy for me to add new pages, posts or any type of content, including file management, adding images to .md pages and Changing Configuration.

Windows Tweaks

Windows Tweaks

This Tweaks page has evolved from Windows XP to Now upgrading this to Windows 10. Included is My testing and Opinions, try at you own risk.

Defrag SQL

Defrag SQL

Defrag SQL 2008 to 2016. In any SQL database and one that updates through migrations like Orchard CMS get defragmented and I have notice over the years dealing with SQL server that it needs defragging occasionally, keeping the performance optimized

Mobile Colorbox

Mobile Colorbox

I use colorbox in my ASP.Core2 apps. A lot of developers still do in their applications. Mobile First Responsive Colorbox Window to open a link, div, code, about anything. Including a iframe using external data.

SQL Fragmentation

SQL Fragmentation

Check SQL Server a specified database index fragmentation percentage (SQL). A Dynamic CMS using SQL Server most always has fragmentation. When files or data are in the wrong place then SQL Server has to spend time looking for the missing data, slowing the whole process down and increasing load times for your site.

Letter Avatar

Letter Avatar

Many of us got really tired of the Gravatar Service being down or slow and having multiple server calls to download the Gravatar. A lot of people do not even know about gravatar and you get a generic image for the User Avatar.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Using just links in Asp.NET Core 2 add like included below @Context.Request.GetDisplayUrl(), to get the url of the page your sharing. View the source of this repo to see how to do it in Jekyll

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