Provides CKEditor 4.3 for HTML editing, with Media Library access.It is a fork from the module by Usage, which was not updated in more than 2 years. Adds Media Library support, apart from updating to CKEditor version 4.3. As version 0.1 had problems, this version adds a button on the toolbar "Pick from Orchard Media Library".

Built this page with the new editor and it has no issues changing my code as much as older versions did.

In the Orchard Gallery, it shows the new version LuDC.CKEditor 0.2.1 which works perfect Media Picker Library in a Colorbox window below is Colorbox example1 changed Orchard.Jquary new Css and images.



LuDC CKEditor has a spell check feature SCYAYT which works perfect. how cool.

I am working on full version with all the AddIn's and a dark skin and I will post it as a addin for this version of CKEditor 4.3. Come back to this page for updates

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