Forge Flash Support


Some special networking features can optionally use a Flash component. Building the output SWF file requires the Flex SDK. A pre-built component is included: swf/SocketPool.swf.

Building the output SWF requires the mxmlc tool from the Flex SDK. If that tools is already installed then look in the package.json file for the commands to rebuild it. If you need the SDK installed, there is a npm module that installs it:

npm install

To build a regular component:

npm run build

Additional debug support can be built in with the following:

npm run build-debug

Policy Server

Flash support requires the use of a Policy Server.

Apache Flash Socket Policy Module

mod_fsp provides an Apache module that can serve up a Flash Socket Policy. See mod_fsp/README for more details. This module makes it easy to modify an Apache server to allow cross domain requests to be made to it.

Simple Python Policy Server provides a very simple test policy server.

Simple Node.js Policy Server

policyserver.js provides a very simple test policy server. If a server is needed for production environments, please use another option such as perhaps nodejs_socket_policy_server.