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Returns true if the value is a number. comprehensive tests.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save is-number


To understand some of the rationale behind the decisions made in this library (and to learn about some oddities of number evaluation in JavaScript), see this gist.

var isNumber = require('is-number');


See the tests for more examples.

isNumber(5e3)      //=> 'true'
isNumber(0xff)     //=> 'true'
isNumber(-1.1)     //=> 'true'
isNumber(0)        //=> 'true'
isNumber(1)        //=> 'true'
isNumber(1.1)      //=> 'true'
isNumber(10)       //=> 'true'
isNumber(10.10)    //=> 'true'
isNumber(100)      //=> 'true'
isNumber('-1.1')   //=> 'true'
isNumber('0')      //=> 'true'
isNumber('012')    //=> 'true'
isNumber('0xff')   //=> 'true'
isNumber('1')      //=> 'true'
isNumber('1.1')    //=> 'true'
isNumber('10')     //=> 'true'
isNumber('10.10')  //=> 'true'
isNumber('100')    //=> 'true'
isNumber('5e3')    //=> 'true'
isNumber(parseInt('012'))   //=> 'true'
isNumber(parseFloat('012')) //=> 'true'


See the tests for more examples.

isNumber('foo')             //=> 'false'
isNumber([1])               //=> 'false'
isNumber([])                //=> 'false'
isNumber(function () {})    //=> 'false'
isNumber(Infinity)          //=> 'false'
isNumber(NaN)               //=> 'false'
isNumber(new Array('abc'))  //=> 'false'
isNumber(new Array(2))      //=> 'false'
isNumber(new Buffer('abc')) //=> 'false'
isNumber(null)              //=> 'false'
isNumber(undefined)         //=> 'false'
isNumber({abc: 'abc'})      //=> 'false'



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

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Running tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm install -d && npm test


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