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Returns true if a value has the characteristics of a valid JavaScript accessor descriptor.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install --save is-accessor-descriptor


var isAccessor = require('is-accessor-descriptor');

isAccessor({get: function() {}});
//=> true

You may also pass an object and property name to check if the property is an accessor:

isAccessor(foo, 'bar');


false when not an object

//=> false

true when the object has valid properties

and the properties all have the correct JavaScript types:

isAccessor({get: noop, set: noop})
isAccessor({get: noop})
isAccessor({set: noop})
//=> true

false when the object has invalid properties

isAccessor({get: noop, set: noop, bar: 'baz'})
isAccessor({get: noop, writable: true})
isAccessor({get: noop, value: true})
//=> false

false when an accessor is not a function

isAccessor({get: noop, set: 'baz'})
isAccessor({get: 'foo', set: noop})
isAccessor({get: 'foo', bar: 'baz'})
isAccessor({get: 'foo', set: 'baz'})
//=> false

false when a value is not the correct type

isAccessor({get: noop, set: noop, enumerable: 'foo'})
isAccessor({set: noop, configurable: 'foo'})
isAccessor({get: noop, configurable: 'foo'})
//=> false


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