Orchard Performance


Discussions on changes to Orchard 1.10 web.config, zipping files for AWS to Cloud-front, Proper Response and Request headers.

Web.config additions and changes, with different performance alternatives.

Orchard Cache, iDeliverable widgets, HTML Minified settings will be discussed. Conjugation routines of .css and .js before 7-zipping  them with a gzip Ultra format.

This page is always under development. Web .config section is questionable.

You want straight A's from webpagetest.org.

I almost got straight A's; just one image and google-analytics.com stops straight A's.

Extensive caching section s Orchard up to 1.10.0 does not client cache correctly with VARY* have to change it in Orchard Cache filter and in the web.config to get proper response headers. ANd Caching in Orchard form 1.8.1 to 1.10 caches .xml and .rss making it unreadable to servers and browsers. Even if you tell orchard in the various was to not cache these routes it does anyway = more changes to the web.config.

How to use gzip on a shared server when they deny access to gzip.dll.

Follow the below content and test things locally first.

My full test results:  http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160227_P1_4P4/1/details/

I am getting a repeat view of 0kb and initially 380kb which is 1gb lower that a stock Orchard site with bootstrap and some images.

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