Mobile First Colorbox

Colorbox LogOn Responsive

A fully Responsive Mobile First Colorbox LogOn Window
I created a colorbox logon window for Orchard 1.7.2, PJS.Bootstrap 3.0.3 and notice on my Android Phone that the window no matter the orientation was way to small about 40% of the view. And on orientation change it flickered and tried to change sizes several times.


I searched around and found similar posts and came up with a small addition to the Initialization of colorbox, which I add to my /Themes/PJS.Bootstrap/Views/ BadgeOfHonor.cshtml file.

Colorbox now is working perfect on my Android and some other phone I tried it on but it made some of the colorbox windows 90% of the view on a normal website.

I am building Mobile First sites now as it way to easy with Orchard 1.7.2, with a Mobile First Theme in PJS.Bootstrap so the triad off for now is ok and I'll update this post when I get the view port right for Mobile and the Web.

Below is the new Initialization code with additions highlighted.

Click me to open the Mobile Colorbox LogOn Code.

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