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Colorbox LogonColorBox LogOn Registration email and any form for Orchard 1.8.1 or better, PJS.Bootstrap 3.2.0

The sign in link has changed for the new PJS.Bootstrap theme, for Orchard 1.8.1 or better. I added the new recoded Menu.cshtml in the views folder of PJSBootstrap 3.3.2, for a Colorbox LogOn and Registration Window.

The example is in any page, just click Sign In on the menu and see the magic. I tried it by using Colorbox from the Orchard.jQuary Module and got slow response time so I used the colorbox cdn at and its js and got colorbox to open super fast.

Logging in now on my Orchard 1.9 -int beta  site on a shared server is fast and care free.

If it fails LogOn then it redirects to the LogOn page showing errors.

The response of the window using the Colorbox CDN for css and js is much faster than using it from the Orchard.JQuary module, so I utilized the cnd for performance of my site and the colorbox window.

Add a script to keep the form within the Colorbox window until the data is posted and redirected if needed.

The Menu.cshtml code is below.

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