Advanced Sitemap

Advanced Sitemap

By Web Advanced Rebuilt by Donald Boulton on GitHub

Compatible with Orchard 1.10+ [READ BELOW!]

!! There is a bug in the Output Cache module enabled by default in Orchard 1.7 that breaks several modules, including Advanced Sitemap. You will need to disable the Output Cache module until this is fixed.

Don not disable Caching do the below.

Caching fixed: I told IIS not to cache it, as : under caching - profiles add:

SiteMap module for Orchard CMS
Has been rebuilt for Orchard 1.10.1x

need to add the below to your Orchard.Web root web.config file so Orchard Caching does not destroy it.

        <clear />
        <add verb="*" path="sitemap.xml" type="System.Web.StaticFileHandler" />
And then
<add extension=".xml" policy="DisableCache" kernelCachePolicy="DisableCache>
Like below. Orchard Caching kills .rss and .xml

            <add extension=".xml" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="DontCache" />
            <add extension=".rss" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="DontCache" />

Version 1.6.0 changes:
- Root url now uses the one configured in site settings. (This should eliminate issues with NAT ports etc.)
- Absolute urls are supported in route providers.
- Url aliases are now supported in route providers (See project site).
- Fixed jQuery 1.9 compatibility issues.


Updates are available at

Discussions at


Download the latest source at
Add  your version of JQuary mine the latest jQuery UI - v1.11.4 with the following scripts

JS Includes:

jquery.ui.core.js, jquery.ui.widget.js, jquery.ui.mouse.js, jquery.ui.position.js, jquery.ui.draggable.js, jquery.ui.droppable.js, jquery.ui.resizable.js, jquery.ui.selectable.js, jquery.ui.sortable.js

or your custom jquaryUI  or .css

Then change the reference in your WebAdvanced.Sitemap.csproj with the new reference.

Disable Advanced Sitemap then FTP over your old files then re-enable the module and it works.

The Styling and changes below. Updated for styling: Sat Nov 08 2014 19:58:59 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Changes to WebAdvancedSitemap.css
Change WebAdvancedSitemap, Sitemap.Group.cshtml
Add to WebAdvancedSitemap.css, archives .css used for my blog archives and menu.

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