Technical notes about this website

This website is built as static HTML with Jekyll component-modular builds including a Node backend, with React components and Built with Webpack.

Served on Netlify via a continuous deployment (CD) workflow. Pull requests are automatically built into preview apps, while commits to the master branch trigger the production build and deploy onto Netlify’s CDN edge node infrastructure. Since the whole site is just a bunch of static files copied onto multiple CDN nodes around the world, time to first byte (TTFB) is consistently fast at around 1ms to 2ms. React Notifications through my Slack Bots and Netlify Functions for my Mansbooks donboulton.com workspace.


No run time dependency or vulnerable server stack required Pre-built pages served over a CDN for fastest time to first byte Fast and cheap CDN scaling results in ultra-high availability worldwide Server-side processes abstracted into microservice APIs for reduced attack surface areas Modern Continuous Deployment (CD) Git workflows with instant rollbacks Headless CMS for complete separation from your app/site and with full version control Modern authentication methods such as OAuth 2 for ultimate security.

Just Moved from ASP. Everything

Whooo what a relief. Ruby Jekyll and GitHub Pages is the kind, figured this out in a few days with the help of Minimal Mistakes, and lots of documentation on Ruby, Jekyll with GitHub Pages.

Ruby, Jekyll, GitHub pages, and even liquid are super simple; Or “Super Logical, if you think like a human”. I’ve been hitting my head for not using Ruby and the kind much sooner.

Full Webpack integration of all static assets, Working on react components to replace native Jekyll Menu, footer and page contents.

Go Sooners!


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Showing off MMistakes, Jekyll React Webpack, GitHub Repo Netlify Docker Build
Just Learning Ubuntu, Ruby, Jekyll, GitHub Pages with React & Webpack, see any mistakes please feel free to go to one of the post pages and comment on site issues.
Notifications & Tips for Donald Boulton – Just another Front End Developer - designer of donboulton.com, bibwoe.com, mansbooks.com and publiuslogic.com

Links to Netlify this GitHub repo, Staticman Reviews, MMistakes Framework Designers Michel Rose and Donald Boulton.

Cool and Free

Cool and Free

Repo GitHub, Netlify Ubuntu Server, Jekyll React Webpack Node, Docker Build.

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Staticman Reviews

Reviews push

Staticman Reviews cause a regeneration of a static site. Good for Remote Work.

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Michael Rose


Free to use but under a MIT License. Clone it, fork it, customize it, whatever!

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Everything from the menus, sidebars, comments, configurations in site YAML.

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Fully Responsive


Built on HTML5 + CSS3. All layouts are fully responsive with helpers to augment your content.

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Cool & free

Cool & Free

Fell free to install this app with the Netlify button above, change assets pages and posts to yours!

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Build Charts

I use Netlify CMS to maintain json & or yaml files which is the source data for creating this chart.

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