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Old Hippie that works for God Full time. Having fun with Orchard CMS 1.7.2. I grew up in OKC, OK, 12yr at PC Schools. Graduated from OSU in audio design and computer science. Instructed Computer Science at OCU for 4 years. Worked in Custom Audio design with Control Technology, Mixed sound in various productions for about everybody from 1979 to 1985 for Power Play Productions. Can fix about anything, everything I own, "as it should be". I worked in SDCA for Green Flash internet Positioning for several years. Lived all over the USA. My favorites SD-CA-OB, Arcata CA. and Charlottesville VA. Moved Home to OKC in 2006.
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Web Developer / Designer



Mans Books Of Life a collection  of books and web sites amoung man.


Don Boulton.com


Personal Web Being Developed Resume and Personal History with Picasa Web Albums.




PubliusLogic is a collection of new ideas surrounding Governing, and Government,  as competition. The voting competition will let everyone represent themselves every day, "all day"  to vote on issues related to our governing and law making.

The Publius Intent. Internet Legislation as we slowly faze out Legislatures and government offices.

To form a more perfect Union of States and Man. Government in its antiquate sense is sick, lacking focus and full of formalized associations beyond government swaying the intent of the legislatures through making law profitable. Thus true intent is unclear, ambiguous and can be easily changed by precedence, promulgation and government and court procedures..



Oklahoma State University

413 Whitehurst Lane
Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74074 U.S.A.

Audio & Electronic Engineering

 Attended OSU 1973 - 1976 2 yrs.  at night in High School.