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Donald Boulton's personal website. Utilizing my Theme DB.Amaretti and can be found on Gihub at http://github.com/donaldboulton/db.amaretti. Using Zen Gallery Module for a implementation of PhotoSwipe, Isotope with image resizing  for Portfolio Gallerys. Custom display's through shapes added to DB.Amaretti.

All forms Login, Email Contact and Tickets are in every page, see the menu for posts on how to implement authentication and registration on all pages in Orchard 1.10.1+ with custom forms or using dynamic forms, adding forms to hidden zones, for bot protection.

All pages and Blog posts use layout's for design. And are pjaxed with defunkt jquary-pjax, "like Github". Giving me a Page insites score of 89% and web page speedtest score of 92.

This donboulton.com web is on a winhost.com shared server ASP.NET 4.5.1, SQL 2014, MVC5 with a Orchard 1.10.1x source compiled and published from 04/01/2016 as Orchard 1.10.1x CMS.

Full static and dynamic compression and html minification. 85% of resources GZiped  with encoding HTTP headers and utilizing Cloud front - Amazon S3 for external CDN, cookie less cloud storage.

All cache, performance and compression utilities with HTML Minification and ajax donut caching are being utilized including server static compression; "thanks to winhost.com for the usage of Gzip dynamic compression".

See Orchard Performance post on how I did the above.

More soon.....



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