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  • |x-π-y|

    Humble Beginnings

    Once there was just midst as chaos in void. Motion arose opposite, "Cause and Effect"! Gods were formed! LIFE in the midst; our Universal FATHER GOD Was One Within SELF. Within But Beyond Chaos! Then...

  • Chaos in creation

    Gods War

    Eons of time Father God slept, utill he was awoken and in a instant external relizations were of him knowing that other Gods approached. Gods seaking more and seaking to consume Our Father. But Father God was one and satisfied and knew nothing of war but did consume. So he...

  • November 1999

    Transition to Full Service

    Always worked for Father God our Creator since the beginning of time. Just hanging out watching our children play; till my day then playtime ends. Starting work on Mans ministry.

  • November 2017

    Phase Two Ministry

    Had to wait 60 years on Earth to start my work here. Just watching and understanding what my children need with fulfillment with kindness.

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    Of Mans

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