Orchard User Profile with added links to front end admin menu styled fields and inputs with bootstrap 3 styling and added Select Picker for the styling of Selects and drop-downs to match Bootstrap Styling.
In Orchard 1.8.1 "I styled the admin backend for Bootstrap 3".
Changed all profile links from Search?q= to /profile/ in backend and theme summary Views which are different according to the theme design. And added some style and links to dropdown as seen below.
The Menu Code Menu.cshtml


The admin back-end has the same editors as the front end profile page.

Here is an example of how I styled Phone Number's at /Modules/PhoneNumbers/Views/EditorTemplates/Parts/PhoneNumber.cshtml.


Enumeration Fields at /Modules/Orchard.Fields/Views/DefinitionTemplates/EnumerationFieldSettings.cshtml as well as all the other fields need to be style if you want a styled input. The core and modules for the various inputs and selectors need to be found and the best way to do that is open your version of )rchard in Visual Studio - Web Martix and do a search for the name of the input or select you need to style, then find that in your web site and change it to your styling. See my post on styling inputs and download the .js and .css form https://github.com/silviomoreto/bootstrapselect

As the EnumerationFieldSettings.cshtml. styling.

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