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  • Letter Avatar

    Letter Avatar, Gravatar

    How to easily create letter avatars for your comments in Orchard CMS 1.8.1+.

    Got really tired of the Gravatar Service being down or slow and having multiple server calls to download the Gravatar. … more

  • Photoswipe Isotope

    Photoswipe, Isotope, HTML5

    My Portfolio photo gallery's are built with Zen Gallery, Orchard Module isotope for sorting filtering and the item grid.

    Media Profiles for the isotope thumbnails.

    Photoswipe … more

  • Are you Human checker

    Are you Human checker

    Eliminate spam with Date questions and HTML5 validation.

    The Code below is with bootstrap styling which you can see and test in the Comments section at the bottom of any Blog post. … more

  • Machine-Key-HMACSHA512

    Machine-Key, HMACSHA512

    Upgrades are needed for 4.5.1 and Google Page Insites Hash Algorithm's from SHA 1 to SHA2-128 bit or to 512 bit HMACSHA512.

    I tried to use it with autogenerate as below at: https:/ … more

  • Orchard User Profile

    Orchard, User Profile

    Orchard User Profile with added links to front end admin menu styled fields and inputs with bootstrap 3 styling and added Select Picker for the styling of Selects and drop-downs to match … more