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  • Photoswipe Isotope

    Photoswipe, Isotope, HTML5

    My Portfolio photo gallery's are built with Zen Gallery, Orchard Module isotope for sorting filtering and the item grid.

    Media Profiles for the isotope thumbnails.

    Photoswipe … more

  • ReCaptcha V2

    reCaptcha v2, Html5

    HTML 5 CSS 3 reCaptcha V1

    Out of date???

    Styled for HTML 5, CSS 3, bootstrap 3 responsiveness.

    Update for V2 No-CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA , not responsive. Fix

    Could not stand the normal styles of … more

  • prettyPhoto

    prettyPhoto, Html5, CSS3

    I was Using prettyPhoto for opening portfolio gallerys and photos in, prettyPhotos rel="" attribute was not SEO or search engine friendly using data-gal instead iof rel="" and … more